Product Categories. Good value for $20 for this sedum sod mat which measures about 10″ by 20″. Planting Ideas. This easy to grow to a fast spreading groundcover. Sedum Modules just £39 per m2 direct from the grower. Unit of Measure Quantity. Sedum grown on coir matting with clean organic compost and nutrient. Planting. It’s lightweight and very versatile! You can cut them into any shape you want, making them perfect for any DIY project. Specifications. Great for rock and stone gardens or for ground covers. Sedum (Stonecrop) Succulent Plants for Sale Sedums, also known as stonecrop, are among the easiest succulent perennials to grow. Mr Green – Modular living roof trays are the perfect option for a fuss free green roof. Botanical Name. Thrives in heat & humidity. Mixed Sedum Flats (Stonecrop) flats consisting of mixed cultivars growing in thin, undivided flats to be used on rooftop gardens, ground covers on hot, dry areas instead of turf, along patios or perhaps to tear into pieces to be used in rock walls or along pathways. We offer a RHS Award wining Premium Sedum S-pod Tray / Module. With up to 470 species this has to be one of the largest succulent genus. Sedum plants are wonderful for attracting late season butterflies and bees. SedumSod MiniMats. Also used by homeowners in their gardens, on birdhouses, surrounding their mailboxes and planted poolside. Covered with a wax like substance, sedums act like cacti and transpire in the coolest part of the night. The premium S-Pod system has a greater variety of sedum species one average 6-9 per m2. If there is an item you see at one of our markets or on our social media feeds that you would like in a bulk quantity we can provide it for your group. Top Rated Plus . This makes this vegetation blanket – in combination with the correct system structure – very suitable for (steeply) pitched applications. Our 1’x2′ Sedum Mat is an excellent choice for applications big and small! Top Rated Plus. The Green Roof Sedum Trays are designed specifically for extensive green roof installations, the gtSedum tray cassettes can convert a roof into a lush sedum green roof simply and effectively. Sedum has great adaptability under extreme weather conditions. 2 reviews for Fully Grown Sedum Carpet / Sedum Turf. Gift Card; Unique Gifts; Wholesale; Wholesale Plant Trays. Incorporating a minimum of eight types of sedum into each individual tray, the system is designed to provide an instant and practical solution to green roofs. Height (Inches) 10. Sedum Roof Plus (XL) Floradrain® FD25. See the relevant pages on benefits of green roofs and green roof systems. Email us and one of our perennial experts will get back to you. Eco-Roofs is a grower and supplier of pre-grown green roof trays, pre-vegetated Sedum mats, plants, plugs, cuttings and all of your other green roof supplies. VAT excluded £10.63 Inc Vat. Dry Weight 12.5 kg/m² . Apr 12, 2013 - Mixed Sedum groundcover sold in flats at the Home Depot. Subscribe to newsletter. Yes, you see what I mean? Our liner and potted succulents come in mixed trays of a variety of succulent species (Echeveria, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Sedum) as well as in species specific trays. Sedum is easy to grow in most areas, but a new product called "Drop and Grow" may make it even easier. Sedum Tiles are perfect for adding easy-care color around sunny decks and patios, between flagstones in pathways, or in the front of garden beds and borders. Sedum is very resilient to diseases and insects pests. Artemisia, Oriental Limelight. Acclimated to zone 7a 0°-5°F. The trays have a blend of 16 species of sedums, these are all grown from seed to give the maximum variety and as close to 100% coverage as possible. If Sedums do not take top spot for numbers of species then it must for range. Flower clusters are a sunny yellow. Sedum “Tricolor” Sedum kamtschaticum “Variegatum” Sedum spurium “Immergrunchen” Sedum grisebachii. Sedum is a lightweight method to create a green roof, thanks to the modest substrate layer depth. Thread in the Sedum forum forum by woodthrush: Does anyone in zone 4/5 grow Cape Blanco. Sempervivum Collections; Sedum Collections; Exotic Collections; Mixed Collections; Cuttings. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back; Ships in a business day with tracking; Learn More. Rated 5 out of 5. Tournesol Siteworks offers a simple, durable tray that can be used with any type of greenroof-type engineered soil in nearly any modular greenroof application. Width (Inches) 12. Our Plant-Tray™ system, otherwise know as MODULAR live roof or green roof system, is a engineered system used in conjunction with our adjustable pedestals on top of roof decks, plaza decks & terraces and can integrate seamlessly with our elevated paver and wood deck tiles products resulting in a stunning and versatile GREEN rooftop deck. Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, which are commonly known as stonecrops. Saturated Weight 14.7 kg/m². Sedum Plugs for Sale. It's the most durable perennial on the market. Plant sedum in a location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of sun a day. The module or sedum roof tray is a tray containing a water reservoir which is filled with a special granule to retain water and provide drainage. As a plus, if doesn’t “fall apart” in the center. Sedum is the best choice where water is in short supply, although many will be happy with the occasional drenching rainstorm. Shipping to 98052: Items in search results ... eBay determines this price through a machine-learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. Forms a low, rounded mound in spring, growing to just under 1’ tall by summer. Featured Products. Risk Free Guarantee. Light green leaves become covered in a dome of bubblegum pink flowers followed by pretty seed heads. The effect is quite striking. Common Name. The time-tested ecological protection layer. Now you can have instant color in your garden! Load Bearing . You get up to 250 plants in each tile. They are used extensively as a groundcover in gardens due to their interesting appearance and hardiness. Drop and Grow® Sedum Tiles are particularly fun; these mats offer a colorful combination of hardy, low-water sedum varieties. Tournesol GRT3 Greenroof Trays. Sedum Green Roof can supply all that is … Sedum is easy to maintain and requires little water and nutrients. The soil requirements are far from fussy and few pests find them appetizing. Lawn And Garden. Sedum, known as Crassulaceae, are amazing plants. Cart. Read here about how you can transform your pitched roof into a sustainable green roof. With 50 years of horticulture growing experience, Eco-Roofs is uniquely positioned to be your source for green roof knowledge and experience as well as growing and providing the green roof materials you need. You get an instant carpet of color with evergreen hues year-round. Modular trays are ideal for retro-fit applications, and small- to medium- size installations. Unit of Measure. not rated $ 8.95 – $ 55.60 Select options. Sedum (Roof Garden Mix) - Create a green roof with Sedum seeds. Excellent perennial border. Sedum. Green roofs are becoming more and more popular in both rural and urban locations. See more ideas about sedum roof, roof, green roof. "Drop and Grow" Sedum Trays . A quick fix groundcover you can cut to fit any spot or use for wreaths, weddings, framing or DIY projects. The cultivars are planted in random patterns and can be installed in any direction. They are lightweight, clip together, and are grown in easy manageable trays. Dec 20, 2015 - Explore Ruth Walcot's board "Sedum roof" on Pinterest. Sedum Growing Instructions. We also supply our beautiful fully grown Wildflower turf. £8.86. The Green Roof Sedum Trays are designed specifically for extensive green roof installations, the gtSedum tray cassettes can convert a roof into a lush sedum green roof simply and effectively. The whole plant becomes tipped with orange in the fall. Exotic/Tender Succulent Cuttings; Hardy Succulent Cuttings; Specialty Floral Cuttings; Gifts. Explore. 166 results for sedum Save this search. They can be installed on flat roofs to roofs with a slope of up to 45 degrees. Fully vegetated and adaptable to most roofing systems. Further information . 10x10 mat. Light Requirements. As the name suggests, this green roof system builds on a plant palette dominated by sedum species, but includes various drought tolerant, upright perennials. 1. Mr Green Modular Sedum Tray - 460mm x 495mm. Agave Plants for Sale; Plant Collections . Browse by Type: At Plant Babies we absolutely love our sedums! Sedum can withstand drought, for example in very hot summers. Apr 12, 2013 - Mixed Sedum groundcover sold in flats at the Home Depot. Used on green roofs and in the landscape on grade. The Sedum-mix blanket type T has plastic reinforcement top and bottom. Their adaptable nature also allows sedum to work as well in the landscape as it does in containers. Most of our sedums that we carry originated in Eastern Europe and Asia. Flat. Zone hardy 4-9. Sedum Green Roof only supply the best possible quality, plug plants, Premium Sedum S-pod Tray / Module and Wild Flower Mats. Increased water retention and soil depth provide for a wider range of plant choices and a more dynamic visual effect. Sedum is such an integral part of green roofs (particularly extensive green roofs) that the term “sedum roof” is often used interchangeably with “green roof”. Trailing. No products were found matching your selection. Sedum. CA Prop 65 PDF. The Rubberseal ready-made green roof Sedum tray is an all in one module, which contains the complete package of substrate and established Sedum together with a drainage layer and water reservoir for flat and slightly pitched roofs. Low-water, sun-loving sedum is not fussy about soil type, but hates standing in water, so make sure the site doesn't stay wet very long after storms. The varieties that we grow are both cold hardy and thrive in the heat. The most important benefit of green roofs is the ability of the plants to soak up excess water to either store it, or release it slowly over the following days. We pride ourselves with our customer service and aftercare service. We also provide a planting service for anyone needing custom planting. Benefits Light Weight, Low Growing, Drought Tolerant, Minimum Maintenance. Lightweight. Sedum Questions? The reservoir has a specially designed overflow system so when full water is drained out beneath the module. Sedum (also known as “stonecrop”) is a succulent that grows at a low level and spreads widely, making it the perfect choice to cover a green roof. The Premium S-Pod or Sedum tray for your green roof system is much easier to lay, it is light, easy to manage, and needs no extra layers as does the Sedum mats or Sedum plug plant methods. Sedums can be found on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. Angelina Sedum Plants produce a spreading foliage of vivid green and brilliant yellow interspersed all on the same plant. Growth Habit. Apr 12, 2013 - Mixed Sedum groundcover sold in flats at the Home Depot. Get instant results with no-dig ground cover Sedum in a medley of great color. There are different ways of achieving a living roof. An upright Sedum that is more compact and shorter than Autumn Joy. Sold. Incorporating a minimum of eight types of sedum into each individual tray, the system is designed to provide an instant and practical solution to green roofs. No waiting! Instant Carpet of Year-Round Color Why Color Splash Sedum Tiles®? Costa Farms of Miami, Florida, is marketing pre-vegetated tiles of live plants, including ground-cover sedum, growing in mats of coconut fiber.